Saturday, September 1, 2012

All Moved In After a Crazy Week!

This week has been super busy since closing on Tuesday. We have moved all of our stuff from my in-laws house and our storage unit over the last few nights.  I will say that I don't want to move again anytime soon. It can be such a stressful time trying to get everything out of one place and into another!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays nights we moved as much of the little boxes and miscellaneous stuff that we could (it rained some nights which made it impossible to move anything in the truck) and installed some blinds in the family room and living room. My husband also painted the garage floor with an epoxy type sealer. After work yesterday, we moved all the big furniture with the help of a company vehicle from my husband's work (it was such a lifesaver!) Also, we had our awesome GE fridge delivered and had our internet services connected! Today, we installed 2 ceiling fans in the family room and master, hooked up the washer and dryer, and put our bedroom set together. This morning we had the DirecTV installation so now its not so quiet in here anymore (and we get to watch college football!)

With all that said and done, we are so happy to finally be in our home! My sweet husband got a little emotional earlier because he was so happy for us and for what we had accomplished at such a young age. I am really proud of him for everything he has done in the last couple years which has allowed us to be where we are today :)

Enough of the sappy stuff and back to the house details...

I haven't really taken a lot of pictures because everything is such a mess still.  Here are a few of the progress so far and some details of the things we have bought recently..

Hunter 52" Waldon in Brushed Nickel
Master Bedroom

Harbor Breeze 52" Springfield II in Brushed Nickel
Family Room

Garage Floor Epoxy

Levolor 2" Faux Wood Blinds in White from Lowe's

 Completed Garage Floor
(excuse the hoses)

It looks great in our kitchen!

Blinds that fit perfectly

This is what most of the house looks like..a big mess!

First load of dishes!

This was the kitchen before it was really messy


  1. Congrats! We are very excited for you. Only a few more days for us until closing. Your house looks wonderful. We have the same cabinets. Look forward to more pics!!

  2. Hi Samantha, how are you enjoying your new home?