Monday, July 23, 2012

Cabinets, Floors, and More!

We knew that the cabinets went in last week so we were so excited to see them! We absolutely love them! They also put in all the crown molding and most of the baseboards.  The walls had their first coat of paint and the railings were put in upstairs in downstairs. All the interior doors are in as well (I'm loving the new two panel doors). The vinyl was done in the secondary bath and the laundry room. Enjoy!

Front Pillar is in

Crown molding

Baseboards in Living Room

Dining Room

Crown Molding in Foyer

Family Room


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our cabinets!

Second Bath

Laundry Doors

Vinyl in Bathroom

Attic Stairs!

Lots of Storage Space


Upstairs Railing

Master Bath


Mirrors and Screens in the garage


  1. I love your cabinets too! Everything looks great!

  2. I'm jealous of your attic storage! Our trusses (is that what they are called?) are ever few inches, literally! There is NO space for storage! It would be difficult to even try to move around up there!

  3. Wow!! It is looking very pretty over there!!! I love the extra storage space in the attic!!

  4. Looking awesome! I love the cabinets too!