Friday, June 22, 2012

We have a second floor!

We went by again today (three times in one week!) to check out the progress. They had almost finished the second floor!

Our PM told us today that framing will continue until mid next week and then the plumbers, electricians, and all that will come next. 

It's so different than it was a week ago!

You can see the Service Door in the Garage!


View of the left side (Dining Room window on first floor)

View from the dining room window
You can see the half wall in the kitchen!

Stairs again from the dining room window

Back of the house!

Almost finished upstairs!


  1. HI-just "found" your blog the other the above pics, isn't framing so exciting?! It's amazing how quickly they can do framing.

    1. Welcome and thank you! We are so excited that its actually starting to look like a house!