Friday, June 29, 2012

A Roof, A Roof!

After waiting almost a whole week, we finally went by the house today.  We knew the plan was to finish the framing completely and start on plumbing and electrical.  We now have a roof complete with shingles and they also installed the windows and doors.  They got all the interior plumbing done but haven't started on the electrical work yet.

After we left the house we got our weekly update from our PM. He updated us on all the stuff we saw in our visit and told us that the electricians, HVAC, and insulation will be going in next week. We also scheduled our pre-drywall meeting for Monday, July 9th!

Interesting story..
When we got to the house, there was another car parked in front but there were no workers.  A couple was inside our house because there was a stray dog upstairs.  They were trying to get him out but the dog wouldn't let anyone touch him.  They said he had been wandering around the neighborhood the whole week but nobody had been able to catch him.

I can't get the rest of the pictures to upload right now but here is the shot from the road..
View from the street

Garage full of goodies!

Plumbing in the garage and powder room


Back door

Laundry Room plumbing

Hall Bath

Owner's bath!

The poor dog :(

Owner's shower and bath

Window Ratings

Bedroom 2
(Couldn't get shots of the other rooms because the family was trying to get the dog out)

Back door rating

View from the backyard!

Hose bib

Right side

Tankless water heater!

Uh oh..a dent in our garage service door


  1. Hi Samantha, looking good! What is the box unit next to the door for? Interesting story: that's a funny looking dog! He needs a good home--what did they do with him? I hope they found his owner (poor thing).

  2. That is our tankless water heater! I'm not sure what they did with the dog. I don't know if they could get him to come out of the house.

  3. Congratulations on your new house! The roof would be one of the most important parts of the house because it practically shields us from extreme weather. Be sure to budget the house upkeep since maintenance is no easy task. Always have a budget for some fixing, since you never know when a storm would hit and when you would suddenly need money for repairs.

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

  4. Elizabeth is right. It is better to stay prepared than be surprised when an extreme weather condition hits your home. Also, make sure that your house is ready to withstand any weather condition. Regularly check your roof shingles and gutters for any blockage, so that the water will flow properly and your roof can be spared from damage.

    Sierra Nordgren

  5. It’s better to be safe than sorry! It’s best to be always prepared than to be caught off-guard. Invest on a quality roof and be guaranteed that your home and your properties are well protected. I hope everything’s finished up. I’m really looking forward to seeing the outcome. Keep posting!

    -Saundra Wordlaw

  6. These pictures remind me of the time when we were also just starting to establish our home. Those were very exciting times. I bet you had a lot of fun memories and experiences while thinking up and actually implementing your plans for the house. : ) Hey, just an advice, make sure to inspect your roof every 6 months or so to keep tabs on developing damage, and make immediate repairs when necessary.

    Joanne Barragan

  7. Nothing beats seeing your plans and dreams become a reality, isn’t it? :D We had a great time building our house, too, and though it did cost us a fortune, it was all worth it. By the way, remember to also look at your gutters since they are part of the roof as well. Make sure they do not clog from dirt and debris, so that you can keep the integrity of your roof near its prime condition.

    - Pleasance Faast