Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We have stakes!

I drove by our lot today and saw this..

We have stakes! I'm not sure what they are all for though. I can see the property line ones but I have no idea what the ones in the middle represent...

My fiance and I went by the lot again on Friday and took a closer look at the stakes.  The ones close to the road are the 10ft setbacks and then there are 4 in the middle that say "HC" on them for house corners. We were surprised to see that our lot is actually a lot bigger than we originally thought! Also, our backyard is a lot bigger too!

The lot behind us (in between the two existing houses) has a SOLD sign on it now too!


  1. They mark the gas and sewer lines too. Could that be it?

  2. The middle stakes are YOUR HOUSE!!! Those are the outlines of your house, corner to corner, in and out.

  3. Yep! Should be for the corners of your house! Congrats!!

  4. Your stakes are planted and your house will grow from there!

  5. I thought that the stakes in the middle were the outline of the house but some of them are really close to the road. I'm worried that our driveway is going to be really small now :/