Monday, May 7, 2012

Thinking about hardwoods..

I've been thinking a lot about our hardwood floors..

We definitely want the Maple Espresso cabinets so we have to find something to match without paying way more for an upgrade. Instead of the Cherry, I wonder if the Saddle (dark brown) color would work? What do you all think? I've been trying to find pictures of the different options together but its not working so well. If we had to do an upgrade to get the color we want, I wonder how much that will be?

Also, I've been thinking about appliances as well. We are getting a gas range but new code says that the microwave cannot be over the range if it is gas.  We have seen the alternate layout on a blueprint and lose a lot of upper cabinet space with that option.  On the other hand, if we don't get the microwave under the cabinets we will lose counter space. I don't know which one is worse! We get the Feature IV appliances in Stainless Steel as part of the promotion going on in our community.  I was looking at the differences between the upgrades and wonder if it is worth the $200 to get the better range (I think the dishwasher and microwave stay the same)?


  1. I just found your blog and I look forward to reading about your experience!

  2. Are you on I found some inspiration for my dark cabinets look there:

    Warning: You can totally get sucked in and spend hours looking at ideas on this site!

    There's been a fair amount of debate about what to do on the microwave on a couple of blogs, including mine ( and Ultimately we decided to get the wiring for the microwave, which we'll install ourselves (not a choice for everyone).

    On the appliances, make sure you are aware of all your choices. Another blogger has a really good roundup of options:

    Sorry for the long comment. But hope it's helpful!

  3. Make sure you google the part numbers for the appliances youre interested in to see how other people rate them, that made us upgrade a couple of levels.

  4. I checked reviews on everything and it made me want to cry. GE Profile appliances do not have the happiest reviews. What's more important to you - counter space or cabinet space? If you are getting a morning room you may have less upper cabinets. I know that's the case on the Ravenna model. We didn't want a morning room and were pleasantly surprised to find it added an upper cabinet to the other side of the window.

    When you have the flooring meeting there will be cabinets at the flooring office. You will be able to see the options together. We had a girl with a degree in design working at the flooring office who helped answer our questions.

    I was able to go to, and for five or six dollars, get a sample piece of the hardwood flooring. This was a great thing for me to bring to sales meetings to help shore up the granite and other options.

  5. We are building a Yorkshire and chose maple espresso cabinets with farm fence laminate floors. I know laminate is not hardwood, but the combination looks really great.

  6. You are building a Yorkshire?! So are we! You are only the second person I have found on here that is building the same house! Do you have a blog?

    You can find mine at:

  7. After reading many blogs, I discovered the bloggers stating they could not get the microwave over the gas range because of the codes in their area. This was a huge concern of mine because I do not like cooking with an electric stove and when I took a look at the options none of them satisfied my fancy. So I head over to see the Assistant SR who said she would check with the PM. Well, while leaving I run into the PM who stated that he has been building homes with the combo and it should not be a problem. Interesting?? Well, yesterday, I went to see the Senior SR and over heard her talking to someone from RH who said you cannot have that combo because of codes. Interesting? So I checked with her and she said the PM is still building homes with this combo and the inspectors are passing all of them. Interesting? She told me they were going by the 2009 codes. I expressed my concern again and she said it should not be a problem. Again, interesting? If the issue comes up again, the option I will choose is to put in a special request to build another set of cabinets on the empty wall in the kitchen. We are building a Rome and it can accommodate the cabinets. I refuse to go with a electric stove and I refuse to raise the cabinets higher to accommodate the code height which is between 18 1/2 to 24 inches. I am short and do not intend on using a stool everytime I want to use my microwave and besides raising it higher looks horrible. I saw a picture with the cabinet raised higher and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

  8. In my current home I have a gas range with a GE profile (touch screen) microwave above it and for the past 5 months every time I use the front burners on the stove the microwave touch screen stops working (the stove microwave are about 3 years old). Just last week the touch screen shorted out completely and we have to replace the microwave now. I think there is something to those code requirements... depending on what kind of microwave you are getting I would strongly consider whether you NEED it above the gas range.