Thursday, May 3, 2012

Signing Day

We met with our consultant on more time to finalize, or try to finalize, all the options we wanted. It took about an hour and a half to make sure everything was right and ask lots of questions.  We then set a date to meet again and make it official!

On signing day, our consultant provided us with all the papers and went through each one with us.  We had previously looked over the Purchase Agreement with our Realtor so we were familiar with it.  Not too much excitement about signing our names 1,000 times!

After signing everything, we were super excited to start the journey of building a new home!

Next up, a meeting with the loan officer at NVR Mortgage on Friday. Also, I got calls from Guardian Home Technologies and RiteRug to schedule appointments for wiring and flooring.  Those will be in a week in a half since my fiancĂ© will be out of town next week.


  1. Congratulations!! We can't wait for our Milan as well! Good luck making your final selections!!!

  2. Welcome fellow Milan builders, I hope all goes well.