Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pre-Construction Meeting!

We received confirmation from our SR that our pre-construction meeting will be tomorrow morning!

Any suggestions for things we should ask about or be aware of??

After our meeting this morning, my fiancé and I are more excited than ever! Everything went really well and our PM seems awesome! Our blueprints were pretty much perfect. We only made one change, adding a 3'x3' concrete slab outside the service door in the garage.

Groundbreaking is set for next Wednesday! Closing is scheduled for late August!


  1. I could wear you out on stuff! haha
    I would establish desired communication procedures. Will you get a weekly update? Does text or email work better? Are there "off duty" times or can I send a text at 7pm as I am walking through the lot and have a question. Will the PM respond to emails or do I have to feel like a neurotic girlfriend sending multiple emails and texts because you haven't responded.
    Verify electric outlets.
    Verify Hose bib placements. DO NOT let him give you the "it's the plumber's discretion" crap, hammer him to specific locations. Otherwise you will get a hose bib on the side instead the back. OR my favorite, I have an outside electrical outlet box 10 FEET off the ground.
    What can you do "on the side"? Can you lay a pvc pipe under the driveway for future water or underground fence lines.
    Can you insulate the garage cold walls yourself before drywall?
    Can you run your own speaker wire?
    Can you run a pvc or smurf tube pipe from the attic to basement for future use?
    Can he work a side deal with the concrete guy to extend driveway 2' on both sides to edge of garage?
    Ok, that's all for now.
    good luck

    1. This is great feedback!! Putting on my things to ask list. lol

    2. I am becoming Cliff from Cheers. Full of useful AND useless knowledge and known to start rambling at inopportune times. just ask my wife!

  2. Excellent! Have fun at your meeting!

  3. Make sure you look real close at those blue prints! If something seems different or odd, ask about it. Make sure your basement windows are where you expect them to be. My friend found out too late that her window is in her media room even though it's not there in the model. Verify the placement of your sump pump. They were going to put ours somewhere we didn't want it so we were able to get him to change it. We even changed the location of a door to the unfinished portion of our basement. Verify all of your options and upgrades with him. I've read blogs where the people said their last change order or two were not given to the PM. Don't be afraid to ask questions about EVERYTHING. This is basically your last chance to change anything if it's wrong.

  4. We had an issue with our island the other Milan owners near us had their islands placed where a gourmet island would be placed this allows for plenty of room between island and dishwasher.If you are getting a regular island you want to make sure there is space enough between island and dishwasher. If you get a fireplace put it on the back wall or it will take up patio space. You need pre wires for your lighting or ceiling fans, if you can afford it extra windows. Overall our home came out really nice, the inspector we hired felt it was a well built home. Granted we are in Charlotte N.C. Make frequent trips to job sight as well. Good Luck and God Bless!

  5. I put a list of things out here if it helps. Like I say on the page I got ideas from multiple sources so credit really belongs to the those blogging friends. I threw in a couple of ideas too :-)

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