Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good News!

We are approved! We found out yesterday when we visted our SR to change a few things! Also she told us our blueprint should be here by June 5th and then we can have our pre-construction meeting!

In other news, we had our meetings with Guardian and Rite Rug on Wednesday and Thursday.  Here is what happened at each and our selections..

We met with their rep at the model home of our community.  He went over what would be covered in the meeting and all that.  In the end, we ended up adding 4 extra cable/data outlets, the security system, a keypad in the master, and and electronic fire alarm. We put a phone/cable/data combo in the Family Room and in the loft. We added cable outlets to every bedroom.

Rite Rug:
We were excited to choose our flooring options but didn't expect the "included" ones to be so cheap looking.  First we looked at hardwoods and ended up going with the ones we originally choose so that was easy.  Next we looked vinyl for the secondary bath and laundry room. There were about 6 to choose from but only three of them had the bigger "tiles" which we knew we wanted.  Since we have the same cabinets in the secondary bath (Maple Espresso), we chose the one that matched the cabinets.  We also decided to upgrade to granite in the second bath because we hated the white marble. Easy again.  Next we looked at carpet and this was more difficult. She showed us the included carpet and the first upgrade.  We loved the first upgrade but we only have carpet on the stairs and upstairs so it wasn't that big of a deal for us.  We had difficulty choosing the color of the carpet because we didn't want it to be too light/white or too tan.  Then, we chose our bathroom tile since we have the upgraded shower and floors. The included 6" tiles were so boring and plain that we knew we had to upgrade.

Here are all of our selections:

Security System
Additional keypad in Owner's
Electronic Fire Alarm
2 Phone Outlets (Family Room & Loft)
2 Data Outlets (Family Room & Loft)
5 Cable Outlets (Family Room, Loft, Owner's, 2 Bedrooms)

Hardwoods - Turlington Plank E-537 Woodstock
Vinyl - Initiator 66177
Carpet - Baseline 744 Warm Stone
Ceramic Tile - SD92 10x14 for wall, SD92 12x12 for floor, SA54 Mosaic, 380 Haystack grout

Hardwoods, Vinyl, Carpet (and cabinets)


  1. Congratulations on building your NEW MILAN!! I love the idea that you are in a gated community. Happy Building!