Saturday, May 5, 2012

Exterior Color Selections..

Today, Alex and I took his parents to the Milan model home and also started choosing our colors for siding, shutters, front door, garage door, hardwoods, etc...

We also visited our lot and it's the first time we saw it with a SOLD sign on it!

Since today was the first time that we saw all the exterior color options, we had a lot of decision to make.  We weren't quite sure which one we loved so we picked the one we liked the most for now.  We are hoping to go see houses with the different options so we get a better idea of the colors instead of just the swatches.  We didn't think it would be this hard to decide!

Here is what we picked..
  • Siding: Silver Mist
  • Shutters: Black
  • Front Door: Tricorn Black
  • Garage Door: Sandstone
  • Gutter: Wicker White
The other siding color we liked was called Island something...I can't remember at the moment but it was lighter than the Silver Mist but still not plain white.

Originally we wanted to stay away from the really tan/brown colors but now I'm not so sure. Opinions are definitely welcome on this one..

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  1. When picking a color for your home exterior, make sure there is contrast between the siding and the roof. Also, the trims should serve as a beautiful partition between the two dimensions of the house. Play between dark and light colors, but don’t make it too light or too dark.
    -Francisco Close